A predominantly low to mid-rise residential area constructed Lentor Hills site

Lentor Modern is a brand new launch that’s a distinctive mixed-use development that is geared towards traffic. From central Singapore to the Thomson region. GuocoLand Limited(“GuocoLand”) is the main driver behind the changes within the area. It is located near. Lentor Hills after having successfully taken 185,899 square feet (17,279.9 acres)of Lentor Central Land. The land is expected to cover an area of 651,001 square feet.

The brand new launch condominium is located on the newly constructed Lentor Hills site, a serene residential area with predominantly low to mid-rise properties or condominiums. It’s also situated within nature preserves and parks. So, those who live in this GuocoLand Project will have a unobstructed sight of both the forest and the homes that are situated around it. The neighborhood will also be able to have new parks which are connected to bicycles as well as pedestrians.

GuocoLand is developing the condominium’s opening as a development complex, which consists of three 25-storey buildings that will house around 600 dwelling units, which includes the possibility of a double terrace in each of the towers. The ground floor area will include more than 96,000 square feet of commercial, dining and retail space. The space will also be joined with the soon-to-open Lentor Rapid Transit (MRT) metro station.

Residents of the GuocoLand development and its surrounding areas will be able to enjoy the convenience of having a variety of dining and shopping options within their reach and a grocery store as well as childcare facilities. The development is scheduled to be completed during the 2nd quarter of 2022.

The 99-year lease of the New Launch condominium situated in Lentor Central was acquired through the Land Sale Program of the Government 1H2021 and has an auction value in the amount of $784.1 million. The bidding will open on April 15th 2021 , and will close on July 22nd, 2021.

GuocoLand is a leader in the industry with an extensive expertise in the design and development of massive mixed-use developments as well as luxury residential developments. Guoco Tower, the flagship of GuocoLand, is the flagship of Group Guoco Tower is a “vertical city” with Office space which is Grade A, luxurious residences, a six-story restaurant and retail establishment, as well as an award-winning business resort. an urban park directly over Tanjong Paga MRT station.

Martin Modern, GuocoLand’s luxury condominium situated on Robertson Quay, recently received an interim Residence Permit (“TOP”). The residential community of more than 450 units has seen an average of 97% sold.

Unpretentious Elegance, Unlimited satisfaction
Its imposing presence can be seen from above Lentor MRT at Lentor Central, Lentor Modern bears the stunning design of GuocoLand the well-known GuocoLand Midtown located at Bugis Junction. It is sure to be a massive attraction with the introduction of a spectacular new living area in the brand-new Lentor Hills Estate.

A landmark with a modern design, Lentor Modern will soon become a landmark home that is set in the landscape that is a symbol of what modern living ought to be. It is comprised of three towers with 25 stories high, with around 600 luxurious homes, as well as an innovative lifestyle that encompasses F&B, retail F&B as well as retail grocery stores and childcare.

Lentor The contemporary and unique area offers residents breathtaking panoramas of Hillock Park and Lentor the estate of the lands. The city’s services are easy thanks to the conveniently situated Thomson East Coast Metro Line (TEL) which has directly connected stops in Orchard and Marina South in the City Centre, Woodlands in the North and Changi Airport in the east in the near future. In addition, residents will be able to connect to every major lines including the Circle Line, Downtown Line, North East Line and the north-south Line and the East-West Line via the TEL. The residential and retail parts of Lentor Contemporary will be capable of tapping into an immense and rich market.

Lentor The most modern technology strives to improve the joy of living in an active community by interacting with the people around you as a group of people who are playing, working, learning and living in harmony. Residents will be able to expect active interactions and live a full and satisfying life in carefully planned environment where flexible spaces with plenty of light and high-end materials satisfy every need. It is known for its expertise in bringing biophillic balance into concrete structures residents will be able go back to their private backyard with your loved ones away from the bustle and bustle of Singapore’s city. Singapore.

The stunning double vlolume sky the terrances of each tower open to reveal stunning panoramic views across The Lentor Hills estate which is an absolute pleasure for residents of privilege. The estate is further enhanced by stunning amenities for residents to relax and enjoy the views while spending time with family and friends.

GuocoLand Astonishing Records A record of achievement in transit-oriented and mixed-use developments.
GuocoLand has a stellar track in the creation of large-scale integrated mixed-use development and luxury residential developments. Guoco Tower is the flagship project of the group. Guoco Tower an “vertical city” which includes offices that are Grade A and luxurious residences that have six floors of eateries and shops and an all-star business hotel with an open-air garden that is situated over the Tanjong Pagar MRT station. The upcoming Guoco Midtown, constructed over an Bugis station of the interchange, could be transformed from Beach Road into a Bugis region by constructing a 30 storey office tower that is Grade A as well as three clusters of retail. 30 themed landscapes and gardens as well as two luxurious condominiums: Midtown Bay and Midtown Modern. Midtown Modern had more than 60% from the 558 apartments sold in the first weekend after the project’s launch in March 2021.” “Martin Modern” GuocoLand’s luxurious condo in Robertson Quay, has recently been granted it’s temporary Occupation Permit (“TOP”). The 450-unit residential building is currently sold at 97 percent.” Guocoland is part of Guocoland

It is believed that the Lentor Modern strategically site in Lentor Central as an integrated development, and with its unique attractions. Lentor Modern will be the most sought-after home that you can live far distance from City Centre. Lentor Modern is anticipated to be the most recognizable residence for everyone who is residents of Singapore, both local Singaporeans and foreigners. You can register your interest now for the most up-to-date information and be the first to sign-up to receive the preview of the showflat.

The 1.7-hectare Lentor Modern plot is situated near vast tracts of parks and nature reserves that include the enormous 50-hectare Thomson Nature Park, Bishan Park, Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Lower Seletar Reservoir Park and Lower Peirce Reservoir Park. Future residents will be able to enjoy Hillock Park and Linear Park that are just minutes away from the property. With the growing desire to be near nature for health and well-being advantages, the proximity to nature is the reasons why people buy Lentor Contemporary.

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